Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Autoresponse: Out of Office

INTERN will be locked in a moving vehicle with a bunch of axe murders from craigslist out of office for the next but seriously, if you don't hear from INTERN within a couple days, please notify the California Highway Patrol 2-3 days as her and Techie Boyfriend complete Stage 1 of their madcap scheme well thought-out plan to move onto their friends' commune artist community for the summer.

In case of emergency, please contact INTERN's secretary, Slartybartfast, by waving a towel at the sky.




  1. Better come back with a completed manuscript! I mean, have a good time.

  2. Thanks for being a leader in this new movement. I will also jump into a scary situation, feet first, for the potential of being out-of-office. But I avoid craigslist and want no patrols knocking on my door. If axed while madcap, I'll tell the story from the other side. You are open to channeling the dead, right?

  3. Interns unite. Save our beloved blogger from the axe murderers!