Monday, January 2, 2012

a very happy New Years update!

Huzzah! 'Tis twenty-twelve! INTERN hopes you all had a very happy New Year full of sparkly hats and treacherous discount champagne. INTERN had a fine winter holiday during which she went 99% laptop free. Now that she's plugged herself back in, here's the news:

1. In a few days, INTERN and Techie Boyfriend will be moving to a highly dubious "ecovillage" in Northern California, where they will be contractually obligated to engage in a weekly drum circle with their newfound "community". Said ecovillage features such eco-friendly amenities as an "outdoor shower" (actually a rusty bucket full of rainwater) and a shed full of hula hoops. Why is INTERN moving to such a place? 'Cause that's what you get for surfing the housing ads on Craigslist at 2 AM on Christmas Eve after Techie Boyfriend's mother has mixed you too many pomegranate martinis. That's why.

3. INTERN got a Nook for Christmas and so has officially dipped her paw in the e-book revolution. While riding various planes, trains, and ferries over the holidays, INTERN realized that the worst part about e-readers isn't the reading-on-a-screen part (which is actually quite pleasant), but the fact that you can't sneak a glance at what a fellow passenger is reading (no cover or spine!) INTERN never realized how much she enjoyed scoping out other people's reading material until so many people started using Kindles and Nooks, at which point it became nearly impossible. Humph.

5. In other news, INTERN has decided to reinvent herself as an obscure Language poet known only by the pen name B'nan (like "banana" but so much more experimental). Look out for hand-stapled, limited edition chapbooks by B'nan showing up at a Walmart near you (yes, at a Walmart—B'nan is nothing if not a master of irony!) B'nan will also be available for live readings provided that a dinner of poached eel and pickled eggs is made available in the green room.

7. INTERN is also contemplating writing a line of business-and-marketing ebooks under the pen name Chad B. Winning (which sounds rather businessy to INTERN's ears). Said ebooks will be mostly fluff with the occasional pull quote taken randomly from a famous-quotations website and having no bearing whatsoever on the topic at hand. INTERN will also produce a series of business-and-marketing Webinars consisting of pitches for future Webinars. You are all invited to join INTERN in the tropical compound she will invariably purchase as a result of these enterprises.

9. But seriously—ecovillage. If you thought INTERN's hair was matted before, check again in a month.

That's all INTERN's news for today. What escapades, japes, and capers did you get up to over the holidays? INTERN wants to know!


  1. I need to hear updates from the ecovillage! Happy New Year!

  2. I, too, have bemoaned the lack of covers to snoop! I'm reduced to either reading over shoulders (which is much more intrusive) or asking "whatcha reading?" Bother. Now we need someone to invent an e-reader with a cover screen on the back, just to announce the book you're reading to the world (with optional "privacy" feature to hide that naughty bodice-ripper you're engrossed in).

  3. Must post pictures of ecovillage! Happy New Year!

  4. I've had a Kindle for a couple years now. This Christmas, The Missus got me one of the new models -- not the Fire, per my request (I just wanted, y'know, a reading machine), but one of the ones subsidized with advertising screensavers. I keep waiting for the moment when some enterprising, uh, entrepreneur invents a Kindle cover which plugs into the device's power supply* -- and displays the cover of the print edition on the cover of the Kindle edition.

    Heck, you could even do a subsidized version, like a magazine -- with rotating ads on the back.

    * The cover she bought me with the Kindle itself has a reading light built in, which is powered by the Kindle's battery.

    If you can implement it, perhaps this will help subsidize your supply of ecofriendly mead-based shampoo for the duration of the stay.

  5. Nice holiday hi-kinks there! My holiday was an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride full of food, food and more food. Then, just when you thought you'd guessed the ending (bet you thought there was more food involved, go on -admit it)a sudden twist struck!

    Friends were in need, prompting us to embark on an epic quest through treacherous, avalanche prone mountains - braving snow, ice and wind to bring these folk home on New Year's Day. The hour was late (even later by the time we got back) but we prevailed! Hurrah!

  6. I'm skeptical of the ecovillage deal (unless there are, like, beachfront condos available nearby) - but if it includes frolicking nakedness, free love, and hippy chick goodness - well, I can picture (fantasize) that. BTW, what kind of mushrooms have you been picking lately? You shouldn't mix them with (or in) martinis.

  7. I also turned traitor and got a Kindle for Christmas - went ahead and had it embedded into my arm. Saves time. And way easier to read in bed now that I don't have to prop myself awkwardly to hold open a 500-page tome.

    Does your ecovillage include a communal kitchen?If so, I say just hostel hop. It's cheaper and you'll never be stuck doing the laundry. :)

  8. Ecovillage, interesting. I know nothing about places like that, so it sounds interesting. Is it similar to a commune? And why the shed full of hula hoops?
    I used to dislike e-readers, but then again I used to dislike iPods and e-mail before I became totally obsessed with them. So I figure I'll buy one eventually, once I can afford it.

  9. While you are getting your communal rusty rainwater shower on may I suggest you wear flip flops. Safety first.
    Dude, better you than me. But, the fodder, oh the fodder you shall glean. And hey, you're only young once. Plus, dreadlocks are all the rage for 2012. I read it in Vogue. Swears.

    Perhaps (definitely) you should take some (lots) of that discount champagne (absinthe) with you to better enjoy (tolerate) the drum circle.


  10. As for e-reading, the lack of a cover for other people to snoop at has been a big attraction in certain genres. Ditto for not having those books accidentally left out when visitors come calling.

  11. I'm fascinated. I'm from N. Cal. and dying to know about ecovillage. The only place I've seen that is a bit communal like that without being an actual commune are some of the communities in Davis ....
    However, this almost sounds like it would be more along the coast. Interesting!

  12. Everyone around me seems to miss knowing what I'm reading--because I often am reading a kindle instead, sans indicative book cover--that they feel they have the right to interrupt my reading in all public places at all times to ask. Also, to ask me for an on-spot review of my kindle reading experience/opinion on the product. I miss the days of reading to avoid social contact in public places . . .

  13. Lola: Are you SERIOUS about the dreads? INTERN has never gone that route...but her hair is getting pretty long, so maybe it's time. But then INTERN would have to post a new profile picture with her dreadlocks hanging in front of her face. Not cool!

  14. thewwaitingroom: INTERN has to admit she has been guilty of questioning strangers about their Kindle experience :P maybe that will ease up once ereaders become more ubiquitous...

  15. Kristi: isn't norcal full of intentional communities? INTERN's future bongo-drumming abode is in Mendocino County, about 45 mins from the coast. Am stocking up on granola ingredients...