Monday, January 25, 2010

beware the ides of intern...

INTERN has been posting a little less frequently these past couple weeks, because she is starting her new internship in exactly seven days and has been taking advantage of her last little bit of time pre-full time internment to:

-gossip w/Hippie Roommate re: Vampire Roommate (Apparently, the girl who had INTERN's room before INTERN got on Vampire Roommate's bad side (or the VR got on *her* bad side) and they spent the last three months before said girl moved out hexing one another. Says Hippie Roommate "I was always tripping over bowls of salt water and rusty nails." INTERN is glad she dodged that bullet. Sheesh!)

-scrounge together some kind of acceptable outfit for a fancy reading she will be working at as part of her first week at Venerable McPulitzer Publishing Co.

-help Techie Boyfriend construct an astrolabe.

-gossip w/Techie Boyfriend re: Hippie Roommate's new manfriend (a soft-spoken, generous, intelligent 45-year old businessman (!) whose moodlit apartment contains no furniture, only yoga props) and speculate about how this will affect her dumpster-diving ninja ways.

-do as many odd jobs as possible (life-modeling, deck swabbing, tutoring, etc) because there will be less time to do those life-sustaining things once said Internship has begun.

-visit friends, read books. revise novel.

In any event, INTERN expects to be back to a more regular and predictable posting schedule in the near future.

PS If you need something to read right now, you might want to ponder this intriguing article about the pros and cons of free books on Kindle. (via INTERN's forward-happy dad)


  1. i just had a huge argument with my mother about the Kindle. Apparently she wants to buy me one for my graduation and I gave a large resounding, "NOOOO." I just like the tactile feel of books. I think the idea of free books is intriguing, and for authors who have only sold 17 books, it is probably a must. I for one hope that my book (and yours) sells more copies than that and therefore does not need to be given away for free in order to get readers.

  2. Hope you have time for more deck-swabbing in the future, but I'm looking forward to your posts once your internship at McPulitzer begins.

    Good luck with the astrolabe.

  3. I wasn't able to open the link (not because of anything you did - it's my pop-up blocker) but I wish you all the best for your next term of servitude.

  4. That free book thing is interesting... The next 10 years will be something to watch!

    @ Venus, I know exactly what you mean. I like my real things too. I've never owned an ipod, I doubt I'll ever own a Kindle.

  5. Venus, Linguista, you really should give the Kindle a try. I'm a raving tech-head and I bought one as soon as they came out here in Australia, so I'm not much of a recommendation. However, my wife has always given me the line that she couldn't possibly read on a sterile electronic gadget, she loves the feel of books, the smell, the way you can rub them up and down your naked body, etc., etc.. And then she tried my Kindle, and now I can't prise the thing from her fingers. I don't get to use it at all any more. I'm going to have to buy a second one! I usually buy her some books for Christmas, but this year she refused to accept any that weren't readable on the Kindle! So maybe you'd actually like it if you tried it.

  6. I'm glad INTERN's dad is forward-happy. You're not the only kid out there with a parent like that...

  7. I was surprised how much I like my Kindle. I live in a non-English speaking country so getting books in my language was next to impossible locally and expensive and time-consuming otherwise. With the Kindle, I can get them when I want them and throw in a few for the kids too. They think it's cool to read stuff on it and, since it's hard to get them to think anything about words is cool, I'm thrilled to death. Now if they'd digitize the eating of vegetables and the brushing of teeth I'd have absolutely nothing to worry about.

  8. I love my Kindle too, surprisingly - since I have a huge number of books in bookshelves around the house. I have also spent a lot more money on books since I got it. AND I've downloaded a free book only to love it so much that I've bought all the others in the series... just like the woman at the bottom of the article. The only thing I don't like about it is that my ability to lend a book I loved has been eliminated :(

  9. Awww... good luck!! You are a multi-talented INTERN. :-)
    Your posts always make me laugh! :-)

  10. @Venus--I'll take that Kindle off your hands if you need me to :). Always here to help!

    Man, I'm really glad I don't have to live with hex-happy Vampire Roommate. The salt thing just wouldn't be cute after a while. Good luck with that, INTERN!

  11. I love my Kindle (early adopter -- the original) and love me my REAL books too. Different pros (ha! prose... pun) and cons.

    Interesting about the freebie books. Works for some authors, obviously, but you need to have a bunch of others already pubbed so that any new fans can go and buy the rest...