Friday, April 15, 2011

SCANDAL: Techie Boyfriend picks up chicks!

INTERN has been all kinds of sleep-deprived and over-fretful lately, and when Techie Boyfriend and the Ranch Hands made a town run yesterday she elected to stay at home with a blanket over her head.

When they came home, Techie Boyfriend showed INTERN all the lovely produce and spices he'd bought at the market, then handed her a big bag of "vegan snacks" from the bulk bin.

"What is this stuff?" said INTERN, sniffing the paper bag. "It smells like chicken food."

At which point Techie Boyfriend gleefully unveiled the other box of groceries, which was actually A BOX OF CHICKS.

INTERN: *cries* *hugs Techie Boyfriend* *instantly falls in love with chicks*
Techie Boyfriend: *dances around the cabin getting a food bowl and a lamp*

Not to be outdone, one of the Ranch Hands proceeded to catch a baby mouse by the tail:

Surrounded by such wonderful friends and a menagerie of cute baby animals, INTERN forgot all about her silly worries and lived happily ever after.


  1. Okay, um, what are you planning to do with the baby chicks?

    Just some advice if you're planning to keep them. It's VERY difficult to sex chicks, so you likely have some roosters in there. Do NOT keep them. Roosters do not make good pets.

  2. INTERN deserves all good happy endings!

    -- Tom

  3. Roosters can actually make quite good pets. We had a rooster who outlived all our hens, and spent a happy retirement perched on top of the cabinet on our back porch.

    Roosters also make great eating too, if you don't let them get to old, so bear that in mind.

  4. Melissa, I'm sure she's planning on rolling them in jam eating them right up - yum, jammy chicks!

    Honestly, if she's living on a ranch, I'm sure she has plenty of room for free roaming, happy little hens, and plenty of farm folk to give advice on the best way to raise them. Trust the intern!

  5. Cute baby chicks can become fluffy white hens that lay yummy golden eggs every day. Protein is good for the body. Enjoy baby time, it comes the same time every year.

  6. Chicks are some of the most awesome pets, and then they become chickens which are also awesome pets (though lacking in the fluffy-cheeping category). Hooray INTERN! Hooray Techie Boyfriend! This is fantastic news!

    Win earrings, free entry!

  7. Yay! How fun! I've been told chickens can make wonderful pets. My college roommate had a rooster named Irma (it's *really* hard to sex chicks) who adored her.

    But will the ranch hands let you keep the mouse?

  8. Baby chickens are the best, except the poop and the dust. Teenage chickens are just as awkward as teenage humans, and produce lots of poop and dust. Adult chickens are charming, funny, and generous, but do produce proportionately more poop and dust. Good for the garden, true. And those eggs...scrumptious!