Tuesday, August 23, 2011

yodelings of imminent vanishment

As you can probably tell from the sparseness of blog posts this month, INTERN has been rather distracted lately. For those of you who missed INTERN's elated tweeting a few weeks ago, here's why: INTERN and Techie Boyfriend are going to India and Nepal! On, um, Sunday. It's all very surprising and a little bewildering (Techie Boyfriend got a last-minute contract doing Incomprehensible Computer Stuff that mysteriously involves spending a few weeks in Calcutta) and INTERN has been sorting out visas and typhoid vaccines and looking for the perfect India Notebook in which to scribble her thoughts.

INTERN will not be taking a laptop, so this post might be the last you hear from her until mid-October. INTERN is not ruling out the possibility of checking in with a state-of-the-Indian/Nepalese-book-scene post or two, but you never know. Sometimes, INTERN feels the need to disappear completely for a while, if only to reconfirm that the writings she's writing and the schemes she's scheming and the direction she's heading are all the best and truest and freshest they can be.

INTERN will be back around October 10th, unless she and Techie Boyfriend buy a pet yak and move to the Himalayas.

In the meantime, INTERN wishes you long walks and surprising mushrooms and pages that flow and manuscripts that sell and many highly stimulating conversations.

Ten thousand delights to every one of you!



  1. Have a wonderful time and stay safe :)

  2. INTERN,

    Have a wonderful, life-changing-for-the-better trip. Stay safe and be happy!

  3. May safety and fun be yours in roughly equal parts. (DOCUMENT IT.)

  4. you never cease to amaze me.

    10,000 maniacs to you as well!

    (my wife has long wanted to go to napal. i, however, know that at the first sign of a child begging for spare change she'll gladly attempt to rid herself of any western/catholic guilt by handing over ALL of our money, thus turning us into ex-pat beggars and turning me into some sort of despotic monster who has to hoard away all of our begged coins to try to get us airline tickets back to the USA and keep my wife from handing them over to the same small children all of our original change went to.)

    enjoy the heck out of your experiences there!

    -- Tom

  5. Have a good trip! I'll miss your inspired non-ramblings.

  6. We will take care of September for you. October has requested your presence, however, so hurry back.

  7. Thanks, guys! INTERN WILL MISS YOU!

    INTERN will take copious notes and eat mountains of dal and pat a yak for each and every one of you!

  8. Brendan: Phew! Nice to know you're on the case! INTERN graciously accepts October's request (unless those yaks get in the way)

  9. How cool! Have fun, and tell us all about it when you get back.

  10. That's a nice looking yak! Have fun!


  11. I just gave you a versatile blogger award. You'll be missed. http://twittertales.wordpress.com/2011/09/26/versatile-blogger-award/

    Louise Curtis