Thursday, July 2, 2009

hives of apocalypse

Every now and then, an INTERN just needs to have fun. Last night, INTERN had fun by going to one of those eclectic, hipsterish street festival art-music-event things that happen in the city in the summer. INTERN's boyfriend came along, and it was indeed entertaining: we looked at sculptures made of safety pins and listened to hobo bands with their half-dozen accordions.

The night was going well. Someone in a purple VW bus had given us free cupcakes, and we were dancing to the music of the aforementioned hobo accordion band. Then INTERN heard someone say her name, and turned around to see the polished, eternally well-dressed Assistant Editor standing behind her, wearing his signature fedora.

This would have been all well and good were it not made awkward by the fact that INTERN had elected to wear a neon green, sequined flight suit and goggles that night, and her boyfriend was wearing a bear costume.

INTERN: Oh, hello Assistant Editor! Fancy seeing you here. Allow me to introduce my boyfriend.
Bear: *grunts in a bear-like manner*
Assistant Editor: Nice seeing you too, INTERN. Uh, see you tomorrow.
INTERN: Oh, OK. Cool. See you!

This is for reals what happens to THE INTERN whenever she leaves the house. This is probably the number one reason she will never, ever have a real job.

Luckily, Assistant Editor played it cool today. But then again, INTERN has not yet looked him in the eye.


  1. Intern, I love you and your flight suit.

  2. thinks the bear costume is WAY cooler than the fedora. Assistant editor is probably afraid to look YOU in the eye. :)

    At least Assistant Editor knows who you are. Have you read that link about the intern from ...oh maybe Editorial Anonymous's blog or Janet Reid's or someone? I think you're gold compared to that poor sap.

  3. Bahahahahahahahahaha. I was tralala'ing along, and BAM! You hit me with goggles and a bear suit.

    Too awesome for words.

  4. O INTERN, your bad luck is our entertainment! Thanks for the chuckles. I'm a newbie reader of your blog but quickly getting hooked. A bear costume . . . really??!! My life seems so dull by comparison.

  5. You are just too cool for words. I

  6. Hey at least you had pants on, right?

    And hopefully boyfriend had um, bear pants on too.

  7. He knew you right off, though. Didn't he?

  8. He's probably thinking about how grateful he is you didn't see him on drag night.

  9. wow, I live in a small town so I try not to walk out the door with my hair uncombed, but I would have thought the big city would offer a little more anonymity! Crazy! Relax though, I'm sure their are some wild and crazy moments in Assistant Editor's past too!

  10. INTERN, maybe introduce the Bear as your invisible friend, HARVEY?!?!

    And the goggles... you're beta testing new cuttin'edge cyber lenses!

    Haste yee back ;-)

  11. The Intern is hilarious. I would pay money for a book written by the Intern. The Intern had me in the "Who is The INTERN" section, and now I'm hooked. Keep the tales coming, please.