Friday, October 2, 2009

den of frivolity, take two

This morning on the train, the skinny young gentleman in the XXL white t-shirt sitting in front of INTERN was listening to Ludacris, loudly. Over the course of half an hour, INTERN realized that Ludacris might be moonlighting as a literary agent or publisher. Evidence:

"I've got hoes in different area codes."

Ludacris has successfully pimped foreign rights to his authors' novels.

"Move bitch, get out the way, get out the way bitch, get out the way."

Ludacris recalls the manner in which he butted in line to buy the new Dan Brown novel. Move, bitch!

"Lady in da street but a freak in da bed."

Ludacris recalls how one of his authors' novels only did modestly in bookstores ("da street") but totally rocked Amazon ("da bed").

"One day we on the autobahn swervin drivin,
next day we in the sun on the Virgin Islands."

Only the best book tours for Ludacris' authors.

" Let it rush through your veins, cause I'ma be the one
to step up and put a hundred thousand dollars on the game"

Manuscript auction? Ludacris is on it.


In other news, INTERN is going to be a guest on some sort of books-and-publishing related radio show this evening. She has no idea what she is getting into, but if you care to witness the havoc, you can do so at 9 PM (new york time) here.

Update Just finished radio interview (well, an hour ago). INTERN is pretty sure her IQ drops 50 points the moment she picks up a phone. Still, INTERN managed to communicate a few things semi-coherently, namely:

-that the people she knows in publishing are smart and nice and not (as a host inquired) catty (except on their blogs, for fun!)

-after six months of interning, INTERN still believes earnestly that Good Writing matters more than anything else in whether or not a ms gets picked out of the slush pile.

-that her opinion on the subjects of POD publishing and what makes writing good are "Um" and "Wha—" respectively.

So that is that.


  1. hee hee, love it! Good luck w/ the radio spot.

  2. Won't we find out The Intern's name then?

  3. As always, thanks for making me laugh today. Ludacris. Who knew he was so universal?

  4. Travener: No, INTERN is going to be interviewed as INTERN. Because it is an interview about this blog.

  5. The translation of Ludacris to publishing = stunning.

    p.s. my dad (63 years old) told me yesterday that your blog is his favorite.

  6. INTERN you rocked that interview-radio-thing! Missed the last 15 minutes but loved the insight.

  7. INTERN, do you happen to have a link of the interview? I missed it live and would love to listen to it

  8. That's great! I'm partial to "Wha-" myself. Now I know I'm totally on the right track.

  9. INTERN, is there a link to that interview somewhere if we missed it? Can't find it on the radio website.

    Good writing matters most=110% completely, totally true.

  10. Ludacris knows his shit. :-)

    Yeah I have a brain fart when I'm put in situations such as Intern was put on radio show.

    Until next time, INTERN!


  11. LOL at this music!
    Am off to look for the interview...

  12. Me and Enamorata listened.

    We thought you did just fine.

    I did feel the host was attempting to juggle too many guests simultaneously.

    But your comments were apt and concise.

    Next time hold out for a less crowded field.


  13. Loved the interview. Was amused that INTERN continues to refer to herself in the third person even when speaking aloud.

    All best,


  14. Link to Intern Interview:

  15. Looks like the radiocast is here: It seems like INTERN's and the panelists' contributions are all spread out through the fifty minutes... a little annoying to navigate but whateva.

  16. thanks for the links guys!

    INTERN, you were great! Congrats!

  17. Frankly, I'd find I've got hose in different area codes more impressive.

    Thanks for the fun post!!

  18. LOL. I think I want Ludacris to rep me. This post was funny.