Wednesday, March 10, 2010

121 post-pocalypse!

It has been almost a year since INTERN started this blog, and one hundred and twenty posts. INTERN is growing weary of listening to herself jabber. Another anecdote about Executive Ed? Yawn! Another sappy but earnest analogy about writing? Snooze! It's time for some fresh air! Sheesh! Even Techie Boyfriend agrees!

Hence, INTERN is hereby putting out a call for Fresh And Delightful Springtime Guest Bloggers.

Specifically, INTERN is looking for Guest Posts in the following categories:

1. Parodies of INTERN

INTERN and this blog are both in need of some serious mockery. Spoofs of existing posts especially welcome.

2. Posts in the manner of David Foster Wallace

Interpret as you will.

3. Posts that inform/educate/otherwise enlighten re: some aspect of writing, publishing, or bookselling.

What's on the best-seller list in Kenya? What's the latest research on the psychology of reading? What's it like to work at a bookstore? First-person accounts of unusual bookish situations welcome.

The Details

-INTERN will post the best entries in each category on Wednesdays between now and whenever she runs out of the best Fresh and Delightful entries.

-Submit guest posts between now and Tuesday to internspills [@]

-Anonymous entrants welcome. Non-anonymous entrants also welcome!

Godspeed, delightful and inspired readers!


  1. One week... time to put my writing cap on.

  2. Psychology of reading? I'm on that like white on rice.

  3. What is intern's view on posts that have appeared on our blog, and is it one entry per person?

  4. Psychoanalyism as an emerging literary school of thought? What's the emotional disorder behind J.D. Salinger's _Catcher in the Rye_? How about Hemingway's analogous suicide precursors in _The Old Man and the Sea_?

    Literature as social engineering, Rowling's message to young adults? Vonnegut's Postmodern agenda with _Breakfast of Champions_?

    Too heavy, you know, deep? How about a definitive definition of the differences between telling and showing, contrasting and comparing examples from Homer's _Iliad_ and _Odyssey_, and Austen's _Pride and Prejudice?

    Still too heavy? Women's language in literature, contrasting and comparing examples from Meyer's Twilight saga and Hunter Thompson's _Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas_?

    Still too heavy! I'm not worthy.

    It's just a role playing game. How heavy can it be carrying coals to Newcastle?

  5. Big City Dumpster divin' where ya fall in and can't get out, soooo, ya make it home outta stuff already there plus items newly tossed over the transom! Graffiti taggers, running from police throw in colorful spray cans, hmmmm, you decorate the metal walls in 60's psychedelica... Techi Boyfriend adds high quality speakers and the walls thump... Yeah, now we're livin'!

    Haste yee back ;-)

  6. "Psychoanalyism as an emerging literary school of thought"

    I wouldn't call it emerging, anymore... Lacan was on that one just a little while ago...

    Rewrite: Freud was on that just a little while ago. He analysed lit, peeps, in case you didn't know.

  7. Yo, is there a length limit? The possibility exists that I'm over whatever it is. Well. I shall e-mail it to you, and you shall decide whether or not it's worth it. (I shall be busy this weekend, so I've pretty much edited all I can by your Tuesday deadline.)

  8. Hey, I just gave you the Sunshine Blog award for brightening my day.

  9. I don't like reading "guest blogger" posts... I come to a site to read that author's thoughts and posts, not someone else. I wonder if anyone else feels that way, or if I'm a lonely dirty-brown sheep in a flock of white perfection...

  10. Intimidation factor 11!
    Only extremely smart people haunt your blog, INTERN. I would never presume to compete with them.

  11. hello everyone, and sorry for forgetting to answer questions about length and re-posting! INTERN has been terrible about checking comments lately.

    Voidwalker: yes, but what if the guest bloggers are practically indistinguishable from INTERN herself? (see the first guest post, Wednesday March 17) what if this ENTIRE BLOG has secretly been written by guest bloggers for the past six months and you could never tell??? hmmm???

  12. I'm back from my cruise and to answer your challenge regarding distinction of authorship.... um, well, I guess if you've been duping me with guest blogging for the past 6 months, then tell THEM not to turn it over to fresh meat. :P