Monday, March 22, 2010

carpe delirium

INTERN is down with a fever today and is recovering on the couch with some good surrealist movies.

In the meantime, perhaps you might be interested in this interview INTERN had the pleasure of doing about the intricacies of anonymity. Or in this article by the former editor of Grand Central Books about how much publishing blogs have changed over the past three years.

A demain!


  1. I knew that Italian would be useful sometime.

    A domani, Intern.

    PS. Thanks for the links.

  2. Surrealist movies?

    Un Chein Andalou or something a bit longer?

    'Paprika' is nice and random. I envy your stamina -if I have a fever, anything more arty than Murder, She Wrote makes me hallucinate.

  3. Nice interview but Mr. Humphrey should have known better. Superman would never out Clark Kent. Batman would never out Bruce Wayne. Nor would THE INTERN ever reveal her secret identity.

  4. Cool. I enjoyed the article. Thanks. Sometimes I'd like to be anonymous. Get well soon, Simon.

  5. Intern, I hope you feel better soon.

    That was a great interview, and done by someone who knows how! (Pet peeve: some people do interviews with prepared questions and never deviate from them.)

    Question for when you're up and about again: I've thought of doing critiques. What stops me is the fear that someone might someday accuse me of "stealing" their ideas (which I wouldn't do, of course, but some tropes are pretty common). Do you ever worry about that?

  6. Hi, INTERN,
    I recently started following your blog and am enjoying it very much.

    Interesting interview about anonymity. Though, it seems to me that you are actually practicing pseudonymity. Though we may not know your name, we certainly know about many parts of your life and have a vivid sense of who you are (or at least who you are as a blogger).

    Feel better!

  7. Thanks for the articles INTERN! Hope you feel better soon!


  8. Hope you feel better soon, INTERN. Fevers SUUUUCK! :-)

    Word verification: ablepi. (A new delicious combo of apple and butterscotch pie???)

  9. Sorry you're under the weather, INTERN. you feel better today. Great interview, thanks for the link.

  10. Poor INTERN :(. I hope techie boyfriend brings you soup and crackers. Feel better soon!

  11. I recently finished Petite Anglaise and thought of INTERN. She too started her blog in complete anonymity – an expat working and living in France – a cog in the corporate wheel. Her blog soon became one of the most popular of its kind in France, famous for its candor and wry humor, and it was interesting how the blog became this competing force to her real life – just as much a part and important to it as her work and relationships. Anyway, several of her readers wanted to know her and she formed relationships with them – even dating one – which became part of the blog, and eventually she started revealing herself. Of course the book deal pressed her in that direction even more so. I liked the interview. I do agree there is magic for now in not quite knowing who you are, INTERN.