Wednesday, March 17, 2010

in which cardboard boats reveal the secret to everything…

Thanks and props to everyone who responded to INTERN's call for Fresh and Delightful Springtime Guest Bloggers. The variety and quality of entries blew INTERN's mind. What follows is the first Guest Post of the season, written by A Faithful Reader

Last week Techie Boyfriend and INTERN went with random, second friends once removed, acquaintances of hippy roommate to watch the CARDBOARD BOAT REGATTA. Frivolity was had, copious beer consumption was observed, and boats were launched or sunk, (mostly sunk) and it occurred to INTERN that cardboard boat builders (CBBs) are just like writers.

1. Quite a few, perhaps even a preponderance of CBBs, make their first attempt without even rudimentary background investigation of the art and science of Cardboard Boat Building… See Miss Snark if you aren’t making the connection…

2. Most people just want to build the boat and don’t really mind if it sinks, are expecting it to sink, would even be thoroughly shocked if it did not sink. Mostly they are right, but they really seem to enjoy it so who is INTERN to burst their bubble…

3. Some people are determined, nay even obsessed with making a boat that will float. They don’t seem very happy, even when it does.

4. Every so often there is a boat of such breathtaking beauty or just plain madness that “INTERN” was possessed of an almost irresistible desire to join the CBBs of America. It was the second most enchanting and wonderful thing INTERN has experienced in a long time.

5. Even if you aren’t a CBB you can look the part. Ideally with one of those Viking helmets with the horns stuck to the sides.

INTERN plans to wear her Viking helmet to V. McP on Monday.

Note from "the real" INTERN: Egad! With impersonators this clever, INTERN expects this blog to be 100% ghostwritten by 2011.

Coming Next Wednesday: Scientific proof that some character names are hotter than others, from Fresh and Delightful Guest Poster Livia Blackburne.


  1. *Is suspicious* I'm not sure which is the "real" INTERN and which the fake! Suspicious dragon is suspicious. This is TOO clever....

    Great post. ^_^

  2. LOL! Well done! I had to look twice to be sure it *wasn't* written by the Intern.

  3. Actually, the name INTERN is ideal for being one of those identities which is adopted by many around the world as a sort of symbol. You know, where people think or pretend that it's one person, but really it's lots of different people wearing the same disguise.

  4. Haha, that impersonation is pretty good, although with the lack of third-person referers in the blogosphere, it's not that surprising that so many were taken in. Great post. Though I'm curious as to whether tape is allowed? Or some other waterproofer?

  5. Faithful Reader's Intern impersonation voice is a tad wee more erudite and rigid than Intern's, probably as a consequence of many revisions and rewrites, and of course, Faithful Reader's natural voice underlying Intern's. More than close enough for government work though.


  7. That was spooky. But yes, I also saw the hippy/hippie discrepancy. I believe that "hippy" is how I look in these pants, whereas "hippie" is how I look in tie-dye.

    At least y'all didn't spell it "hippee." I know someone who does this... and she's an ENGLISH TEACHER! GAH!

  8. The final note was the ghostwritten part! I'm sure of it.

  9. LOL! That was wonderful!